Love Your Local


What is #loveyourlocal?

#loveyourlocal is an initiative to drive NZ and Australian consumers to support local stores and brands through a challenging season ahead, in an effort to minimize the economic and social impact this year will have on small businesses.


#loveyourlocal key points:

• Shows support to our stockists and fellow local brands

• Positively influences the consumer mindset to support local brands and businesses and stay engaged in their communities

• Gives brands and businesses the opportunity to be part of a proactive movement where we can stay focused and remain positive

• Getting onboard will give the retailers confidence that we are in this together and we will come throught this! A lot of brands run an indent model and we need to encourage stores to remain positive when placing orders for indent collections and being sure when things pick up, they have great product to sell.


Why are we doing this?

As NZ and Australian inspirational and creative brands, we know that we collectively have the power to inspire and encourage consumer behaviour.

We believe that by continuously reinforcing the message to support local businesses, we can help fuel a strong community and economy and minimize the impact this trying time may have on the future of our communities and businesses alike.


How does it work?

We will reach out to other local brands and our stockists explaining the movement and encouraging them to get on board. We will also supply everyone with imagery and artwork they can use as well as some tips on quick actions they can take to start getting involved.


Local Brands

This is you! Once you show us your support, we will ask for your logo and website details to use in promotions. Please email your interest to


Local Retailers

We can support our retailers with initiatives such as:

1)  Social media movement: Use the love heart stamp on your Instagram & Facebook and use the hashtag #loveyourlocal as an opportunity to reach out to your customers and ask them to continue to support you this winter.

2) Profiling our stockists: Profile your stockists with the ‘Love Your Local’ message on your social and online journals.

3) Website homepage: Add the banner to your website homepage and EDMs to reinforce the message at every touch-point.

4) Provide ongoing support and suggestions:

a) Get in touch with fellow local stores to ask them to get involved

b) Encourage stockists to have  a strong online presence  to prepare for less foot traffic and more online shopping

c.) Highlight the “Love Your Local” message in shop windows

d.) Encourage stockists to plan positively for summer by placing their Indent orders to ensure they have stock to sell


Your input

This is a collective initiative and we welcome your suggestions on how to make the most successful it can be!


For more information

Email your interest to for more information and how to get on board.