PRETTY BRAVE [adj] def 
To be a little bit brave.


Natalie Meldrum Founder of Pretty Brave Founded in 2015 by artist and graphic designer Natalie Meldrum, Pretty Brave is a creative footwear brand from New Zealand for little ones and parents with style.   

Around the world Pretty Brave is being recognised for the original designs, bold prints, lasting quality and iconic packaging. The shoes are hand-made using only genuine, soft leathers and products are tested to European Standards to be baby friendly. With the launch into the toddler market in 2017 and the soon to launch Braver 1st Walker Range, now newborns through to four years can enjoy Pretty Brave.

The brand can be found in over 200 stores worldwide and continues to grow with its customers, bringing bigger sizes and new products. We are designed in New Zealand, made with love + inspired by Pretty Brave kids around the world.


The tale of Pretty Brave begins in 2010 when a young New Zealand family moved to Spain, following a dream to live abroad. And whilst the kiwi kids played princesses + slayed dragons in crumbling castles down the road, a new adventure began. The mum, with a background in graphic design and a love of fashion, set out to create a brand that was unique to the baby market.

Pretty Brave was born - designing quality leather baby and toddler shoes and accessories for little ones to wear and their parents to adore. The family have since returned to New Zealand, but a sense of adventure and the inspiration gained from different places and people continues. The name Pretty Brave, comes from the two words the family found themselves using with their own children.... "Aren't you Pretty Brave!"


We are committed to being there every step of our little customers way, as they embark on their amazing journey and learn to walk. Working alongside podiatrists, we ensure each of our shoes has been designed to suit the growing foot, meaning our shoes not only look amazing, but also perform.